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Monday, June 6, 2005

Gregoire Wins! Again! Victory Margin Grows!

Posted by on June 6 at 10:08 AM

The election contest lawsuit in Wenatchee came to a close today with Judge Bridges’ crushing repudiation of GOP claims that Dino Rossi was robbed of victory and is the rightful governor of Washington state. Bridges ruling, despite its measured tone, was a total slap down. Fraud by liberal Democats? Zippo evidence. Proportional deduction? Junk science. Errors in King County? Yes, but Bridges went out of his way to point out that errors occurred across the state. He said that Republicans had cherry picked their felon voters list. He rejected the claim of “partisan bias” in the errors. He said that there was “no evidence that ballots were changed, ballot boxes stuffed or votes removed…” To add insult to injury, he actually subtracted four voters from Rossi’s total, raising Gregoire’s victory margin from 129 to 133 votes. So, goodbye, Gov. Fraudoire. And hello, Dino Lossi.