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Friday, June 10, 2005


Posted by on June 10 at 11:24 AM

Last night’s beautifully fucked-up theme night Gaybash at the Crescent Lounge reminded meas if I needed reminding of why I love Ursula Android and Jackie Hell so much. They have the scummiest, swankiest genius for parties in town. The night had the off-the-cuff feel of someone’s basement party with Jackie as the Chaperone Most Likely To Fondle You and nudist video footage of girls showering and riding in jeeps, which was weirdly sexy and banal at the same timejust the way nudist video footage should be. There was a rotating cast of people spinning records, with my favorite moniker being DJ Lying Thieving Bitch. Then Jackie delivered one of her inimitable song stylings with the chanted chorus, “Jackie is drunk/the seagull is drunk.” Shawn Surething danced along wearing the most spectacular outfit part showgirl, part gypsy- and he was sporting the finest fake tan I’ve seen so far this season. Best of all, I always become mesmerized watching the regulars sit stone-faced at the bar as the mayhem swirls around them.