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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Gig is Up

Posted by on May 20 at 13:38 PM

They’re on to our News Teamâ„¢ shtick. From Metroblogging Seattle’s weekly comparison of our paper vs. that other one:

Reading the weeklies every week is something like following a television drama. And every season needs a recurring plot arc. It’s becoming clear that this summer’s Teen Dance Ordinance / Build the Monorail / Lift the Poster Ban / etc. storyline is bound to be Broadway Height Restrictions. For a while it looked like Microsoft Hating the Gays had a chance at long-term recurring story status, but with their re-reversal of position the story seems to be cooling. This week’s issue features two brief mentions — one as an article and another as a column.

And let’s not forget the piece that began this storyline: Fear of Heights. We do plan to keep it up, until there’s real action to help Broadway. Or until sweeps week.