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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Footie

Posted by on May 20 at 15:00 PM

Well, my plans for a feature about learning how to be a soccer fan in Seattle have been temporarily scotched (the topic will be covered in the forthcoming web-only sports column, Armchair Quarterback). HOWEVER, I’m debating the relative merits of pretending to be truly hardcore by getting up at 6am tomorrow to watch the FA Cup Final between Manchester United and perennial underdogs Arsenal. I have a show tonight, and I am seriously considering rocking on through the night, then going to check the game out at one of two pubs that have the good taste to show the world’s most popular and impressive sport on big screen TVs.

The George and Dragon Pub, at 206 North 36th Street in Fremont, is the obvious sentimental choice, because it’s the most footbally place in the state. But, you need a ticket. Also, they tend to treat newcomers/non-regulars with a particularly English brand of indifference-verging-on-hostility, which I actually kind of like (as I waited forever to be served, this really tough guy took a moment away from screaming “BOLLOCKS” at the TV to address me as “Oi, Thomas,” as in Thomas Dolby). Also, their deep fryer tastes like something died in there. BUT BUT BUT, one of the great pleasures of the last several months has been discovering the culture of soccer fandom as embodied by this fantastic Seattle pub.

The Attic Alehouse (4226 E. Madison) is also opening at 6am to show the game. I’ve never been there, but I’m interested in checking it out.

Of course, it’s perfectly likely that I’ll punk out and go see the noon or 6pm reruns of the game at the G&D. Please don’t judge me.