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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

More Vinyl, (Slightly) Less Vitriol

Posted by on May 3 at 10:43 AM

Back in ye olde days when blogs felt primarily the territory of chatroom geeks and their cyberspace friends, LA’s Buddyhead was spewing viscious bile at the bloated music industry on their well publicized web site. Creators Travis Keller and Aaron North (who played in Icarus Line and now is the newest guitarist for Nine Inch Nails) have grown their empire, though, beyond that tantalizing gossip page featuring cell phone numbers of fish-in-a-barrel targets like Fred Durst to a record label and a brand new MP3 blog called Medication. Although Buddyhead’s entire site is going through a slow redesign, Medication offers a ton of opinionated, informative band reviews without all that pretentious Pitchfork poinyheaded crap you’ve got to wade through to figure out of the shit if worth listening to or not.