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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Re: SIFF is for lovers

Posted by on May 4 at 11:35 AM

I second the hearty commendations to SIFF for leading with the Miranda July feature. Not only is Me and You and Everyone We Know an infinitely more exciting movie (and title) than The Notebook (the 2004 opener) or Valentín (2003), but it also seems to indicate a promising change of direction—or at least tone—for the festival.

My favorite Miranda July work ever wasn't film, though, it was a sound installation in an elevator at the Whitney Biennial. My friend Hillary and I rode up and down, listening and giggling while all the stony artstar wannabes got off on their floor and never looked back. I also liked her Learning to Love You More website, at least until her assistant rejected one of my contributions for being too "creative." There's a photograph of me up still. It's assignment 23, by Caroline Dombrowski.