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Friday, May 27, 2005

God is Back

Posted by on May 27 at 13:12 PM

I had to share this. It is from our computer man, Pierre.

Although I share some of your concerns with the God shout out, I believe your comments are lacking in both substance and perspective. To understand this phenomena you must first have a clear understanding of the role religion and spirituality has played in shaping the cultural fabric of African Americans. We have been discussing this since the birth of blues. The Godly versus the Secular. Religion has defined our perspective on everything from politics to artistic expression. This is less about morality and more about community. When we have nothing else, we have God, we have the church, and we have each other. Its one of those few places where we can be “Blackā€ and not look over our shoulders. For many African Americans, God is cultural. - Pierre

I have had less problem with Common’s religion than his racism. He is in the habit of calling (directly or indirectly) white people (the ones who usually buy his records) devils.