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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Smoking kills brain cells

Posted by on April 28 at 14:48 PM

Breathing other people’s smog is my least favorite thing about Seattle nightlife, but now there’s real hope that we could follow California and Manhattan in banning smoking indoors. If you haven’t signed I-901, the indoor-smoking ban initative, stop by my desk. Healthy Indoor Air for All Washington needs 225,014 signatures by July 8 to qualify for a statewide vote in the fall. If it passes, I’ll have to find something new to bitch about (and we’ll all live a little longer).

The initiative states in part...
Initiative Measure No. 901 concerns amending the Clean Indoor Air Act by expanding smoking prohibitions. This measure would prohibit smoking in buildings and vehicles open to the public and places of employment, including areas within 25 feet of doorways and ventilation openings unless a lesser distance is approved....Current laws allowing designation of certain smoking areas would be repealed, including current provisions allowing designation of an entire restaurant, bar, tavern, bowling alley, skating rink, or tobacco shop as a smoking area.....

You can volunteer to help get I-901 on the ballot.

And smoking really does kill brain cells.